How it Works

•   Property Managers or Landlords sign up for the services on our website at no cost to them.

•   Property Managers or Landlords nominate or recommend a Tenant who is at least three months behind on their rent or a new Tenant who requires funding for down payments.

•   Upon approval, money is Wired directly to the Landlord to cover the agreed upon amount and Tenant repay on agreed upon terms.

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Delinquent Tenants

Finance Loans

Benefits to Tenants

We help Tenants avoid Evictions by providing short term loans to help cover past due rents and help facilitate move-ins by making funds available for down payments.

Fixed Rates

No Prepayment Penalties

Friendly Service

Easy Online Application

Analysis Our


52%           48%
Customers by Gender

First time loans approved 98%
Consecutive loans approved 99%

Average loan $7,550
Average term 60 Months

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