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1st in the US program to rescue Homeowners on Foreclosure path.

How We Work – Home Owner

1. Banks and Mortgage Companies partner with Noticeline to offer alternative avenues to finance their foreclosed HomeOwners to help finance their foreclosure proceedings. This will kick off a long relationship whereby they will forward their recommended customers to Noticeline.

2. Property Managers or Landlords nominates or recommends a Tenant who is at least three months behind on their rents on our platform for service and loan to help them catch up to avoid eviction on our platform.

3. Banks and Mortgage companiesnominates or recommends a HomeOwners who is at least three months behind on their mortgage payments on our platform for service and loan to help them catch up to avoid Foreclosure from their homes. The initial loan documents are downloaded to our database for processing and execution.

4. HomeOwners receives either email or letters directing them to go online to complete the application process and upload all necessary supporting documents on Noticeline.com website They will also be able to add other amounts like credit cards for funding.

5. Noticeline evaluates the information (with no impact to the applicant's credit score), determines an interest rate and instantly presents a decision to qualified Homeowner with conditions and acceptance with the Mortgage company.

6. Noticeline contacts the Partner Bank or Mortgage company of the decision and negotiates with them for a Negotiable payment to fund.

7. Noticeline presents the amount and rate we will offer to finance to the HomeOwner to avoid the HomeOwner from being foreclosed from their property.

8. HomeOwner signs the Promissory Notes, Confessed Judgements and other Loan documents for compliance and execution.

9. Money is Wired to the Bank/Mortgage to cover the agreed upon amount.

10. HomeOwner receives all documents signed for records.