100% Ethical 100% Effective

How We Work

1. Property Managers and Landlords sign up for the services on our website at no cost to them.

2. Property Managers or Landlords nominate or recommend a Tenant who is at least three months behind on their rent or a new Tenant who requires funding for down payments .

3. Tenants complete a simple application at Noticeline.com

4. Noticeline evaluates the information with no impact to the applicant's credit score and provide fixed rate terms to qualified Tenants.

5. Noticeline confirms with the property manager or Landlord that financing has been arranged for the Tenant.

6. Tenant and Property Manager or Landlord sign documents.

7. Money is Wired to the Landlord to cover the agreed upon amount.

8. Tenant and Property Manager or Landlord receives signed copies of documents of their records.