Benefits for

Property Managers and Landlords

We help Tenants avoid Evictions by providing bridge loan to help them cover their past due rents. We help you avoid Evictions and consolidate your debt.

Easy online application

Low fixed rates

Fixed monthly payments

Flexible terms

No prepayment penalties

No hidden fees

Friendly service

Low Pay Off for up to 36 months

Avoid Evictions

Keep families together

Reduce Homelessness

Allow Tenant to build back Credit

Avoid Tenant Evictions

Allow Tenant to build back Credit

Keep good Tenants

Reduce money spent repairing properties for new Tenants

Reduce Tenant turnovers

Maintain high level of Tenant occupancy

Avoid in lapses in occupancy for Landlords

Increase ROI on Tenant occupancy

First in the Nation to offer this type of service line

Help finance tenants going through tough times

Help finance Homeowners going through Foreclosures

Maintain families together

Fill a void that banks would not support

Make money for the Investors

Reduce & Avoid Evictions in Cities

Keep People in their Homes

Reduce Homelessness

Reduce government expenses on Homelessness and increase tax income